You’ll Never Guess: This Universally Needed Female Product has Many Uses – Let’s Check Them Out!

Female small – shaped sanitary pads have a strong power of absorption. They are individually packed in waterproof plastic material. Plus, they possess excellent properties and they have many different uses as well.

The best of all is that you can buy them everywhere. Read on about the many uses of the smaller-sized sanitary pads:

1.They can be used for protection and covering of wounds

They can also serve as a first-aid kit. Besides the sanitary pad, you can also add a piece of band aid or some duct tape. The sanitary pad can prevent bleeding – you just press it on the wound and fixate it with the band aid.

Therefore, if you don’t have the appropriate medical equipment with you, just use the sanitary pad. If you go hiking, skiing or any kind of physical endeavor, always have that mini sanitary pad and some duct tape in your pocket.

2.They can be used as water filter

Did you know that the smaller sanitary pads can be used as water filter? Sometimes, when you’re in need of drinking dirty water, just use the sanitary pads.

Here’s what you can do:  Fill the bottle with dirty water and then through the insole put a piece of the sanitary pad and fixate it well. The decanted water will be filtered but only mechanically!

This kind of water is no 100 % clean for drinking, because it can still contain some microorganisms (like bacteria and parasites), so it for the best to boil the water before drinking it.

3.Sanitary pads can be used for growing sprouts

Did you know that you can grow certain types of beans such as alfalfa sprouts? Namely, the sanitary pads retain moisture. If damp enough, the sanitary pad should be put in a glass jar, vertically.

Then sprinkle, the seed that you want to take care of. Put the jar near a window and within days you’ll notice how your seed is starting to grow.

4. They can be used as a cleaning cloth

These smaller-sized pads can also be used as an indestructible paper towel. They are great for cleaning. Better yet, you can use sanitary pads that contain baking soda.

Here’s what you can do: if your microwave is dirty, wipe it by using a damp pad and turn microwave on for 1 minute. The water vapor will soften the stains.

Take a sanitary pad and wipe microwave clean. If necessary, repeat the procedure once again. Sanitary pads and baking soda are sufficient to clean the inside and outside of your microwave as well.

Additionally, sanitary pads can be used for absorption of the melted ice in your refrigerator. Plus, you can stick a pad in the refrigerator overnight – it will absorb unpleasant fridge odors!

5. You can pop sanitary pads into your shoes if you suffer from sweaty feet

These small-sized pads can sometimes replace deodorants. All you have to do is to pop a pad into each shoe. This is a great way to absorb the heavy sweat and get rid of the bad smell.

Plus, in hot weather, you can insert small pieces of the pad under your armpits, and thus prevent a large ring forming around the armpit.

This trick is used by many celebrities such as the Formula 1 driver, Nico Rosberg who wears a pad under his helmet to mop up sweat so it doesn’t run into his eyes.

6. Sanitary pads can be used as breast pads 

These extremely useful sanitary pads are ideal if you are breastfeeding. If you sometimes experience a leaky boob syndrome and you do not have nursing pads on hand, the sanitary pads can serve well.

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