Every woman carries hygienic pads in their purses, but not all of them are ware that they can be used for other purposes besides for absorbing menstrual flow. They are wrapped in cotton, individually packed in waterproof foils, making them perfect tool for different alternative uses. Here is what else you can use them for:

  • Cover and protect wounds – they are great for stopping bleeding and will put some pressure on small and large cuts. In case you are not carrying appropriate medical equipment and tools, or your bandages have been exposed to grime and dirt, then the sanitary napkins will do the job. This is due to the absorbency of the ads, their toughness, and sanitary packaging. Its surface can hold medicated ointment which can prevent contamination and will speed up the process of healing. Place the pad on the wound and secure it with a tape, but without taping too tight. These are highly effective DIY bandages.
  • Filter dirty water before boiling for drinking – if you are in some desperate situation where you are forced to drink water from a dirty source, use these napkins as boiling may not be enough to make it safe. Use the pads as filters. Fill a large container with water and open an unscented sanitary napkin, putting it over the mouth of the container. Secure it tightly with a tape to keep it in place. The napkin will filter all the dust and even some metals. The method is not 100% effective and cannot clean the water from all the harmful materials and bacteria, but is a great step in filtering water.
  • Clean up wet messes – the pads work as an indestructible paper towel, working great as small-sized disposable cleanup pad. This would be even better if you find napkins which contain baking soda in them. If you have a dirty microwave, soak a sanitary napkin in water and nuke the wet pad for 1 minute. This will steam up the inside of the microwave and softening whatever is stuck inside the walls. Use the same pad to wipe it off when you are done. Repeat if necessary. Use the napkins to soak up melted ice cream and remove any gooey mess in the fridge. The pads that contain baking soda will be perfect for deodorizing the fridge after cleanup. Open it and put the pad in. all the odors will be absorbed automatically. The sticky side can even be used to stick it on the wall.
  • Breast pads – in case you are breastfeeding or you are suffering from leaky boob syndrome, hen use the sanitary pads. Cut it in half and stick it into the bra with the adhesive on the back. You are good to go.
  • Control your sweating – use the pads as a comfortable, disposable, and deodorizing shoe pads. Place them inside before wearing shoes so that you can get rid of bad odor and sweaty feet. Moreover, use the pads as an instant armpit sweat protector. Stick them inside the shirt armpits and when they are completely soaked, replace them with new ones. Do this trick if when you ae wearing your formal attire gets you sweaty. The sanitary pads can be used as headbands for moping the sweat so it won’t run into the eyes.
  • Make a cheaper eye shadow shield – when women do not want to get their eye shadow everywhere. Cut the pads equally into 3 pieces, then take one and peel off the covering. Stick it on the back of your hand to lessen the stickiness and then stick it to the cheeks below the eyes. The rest of the pad should stick out and you are done. Share the trick with your friends and family.
  • Grow some beans or alfalfa seeds – there is a project that serves to introduce little girls to the watering-retaining qualities of the pads and napkins. Soak a pad with water to capacity and put it in a glass jar that is lying down flat. Sprinkle the seeds of the sprouts and put the jar near a sunny window. After some time the sprouts will start growing in a delicious and small produce.