A Snoring Remedy To Suit You!

Snoring is an age old problem faced by millions of sleep deprived spouses. Little wonder there are so many suggested snoring remedies from home cures to sleep devices to address the problem. It all depends upon the individual as to whether a particular snoring remedy will work. You can take your pick from a list that may include changes to lifestyle, sleep position correction, homeopathic cures, throat sprays, nasal dilation, oral breathing correction, mouthpiece devices, continuous positive airway pressure, palatal inserts, palate tightening by scarring, radiofrequency tissue reduction, surgery and hypnosis, aromatherapy and other alternative approaches. Irrespective of which snoring curative one prefers, the trouble needs to be dealt with and annihilated, if possible.

Life style Changes May Help: such as

Avoiding sedatives and antihistamines prior to bedtime.

Avoiding heavy meals prior to retiring for the night

Establishing consistent sleeping patterns

Not getting overly tired

Using a humidifier in the bedroom if the air is too dry.

Sleep Postures

To adjust sleep postures, there are many products that are specifically designed to make you sleep on your side. These include pillows, collars and also mattresses that will optimally place the body in the most desirable position to reduce snoring.

Pills And Nasal Sprays

A pill or nasal spray is another snoring remedy that is effective for some people. These anti-snoring pills may contain enzymes of natural plants and herbs that assist in the break down of oral secretions allowing the body to reabsorb them and reduce congestion. There are also nose drops or nasal sprays that help to open the airways and reduce congestion. Throat sprays will coat the soft tissues of the throat with lubricating oils and which assists the air to move freely and lessens those noisy throat vibrations.

Yet another snoring remedy is called nasal dilation. This snoring remedy consists of nasal strips that help to maintain the open airways of the nose. It may also include plastic devices that keep the nostrils open as also nasal sprays that reduce congestion and swelling of the tissues in the nose. Snoring may be considerably reduced if the snorer could learn to breathe through the nose. A corrective mouth breathing device such as the Chin-up Strip may help to achieve this. It keeps the mouth closed at night via a U-shaped adhesive strip that will curl around the lower lip. Other devices available can be custom-fit to assist in pulling the lower jaw or tongue forward creating enough space within the throat to prevent any obstruction, when breathing. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is another snoring remedy in which a bedside device blows air through the nose with the help of a mask and thus does not allow any disruption to breathing and also eliminates snoring.

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