What Can Make Eczema Worse?

Many sufferers of eczema experience occasional flare ups, they start scratching for no apparent reason and shortly the itching gets out of control. What can make eczema worse?

The answer to this is several reasons. Start off by looking at your immediate environment – is your place of work or home very warm? Central heating is well known for creating a dry atmosphere and combined with heating – it can set off irritation so keep your immediate environment cool if at all possible.

Pets and cigarette smoke can also act as a trigger to irritation in eczema, as can: curtains, pillows and carpets due to house dust mites. Other factors that can make eczema worse is when certain foods are consumed. The following are some of the foods that trigger eczema irritation: Milk and dairy products like curd, yogurt and even chocolate that contains cow’s milk

Wheat based products and cereals like bread, bagels, crackers, donuts, pancakes, barley, oats and rye etc Nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and pistachios Seafood like shellfish, salmon, tuna, lobster, mussels, calms, crabs etc Acidic fruits like orange, lemon, strawberries, plumps, blueberries and prunes Other foods items that worsen eczema are tomatoes, eggs and soy products Food colorings and food additives such as tartrazine, sodium benzoate and glutamate.

If you’ve had no luck with doctors, allergy drugs, cortisone cream or other eczema treatments there is a proven natural treatment to get rid of eczema. While there are many conventional treatments to help relieve symptoms and minimize flare-ups — they do not provide lasting results. Aside from only relieving the symptoms, most of the them contain harmful chemicals that can further irritate and harm your skin in the process. For a complete and lasting cure for eczema click the link below and get rid of eczema permanently by applying proven natural remedies. These are remedies that have been tested over and over to be very effective. To learn more about these remedies, just visit the link below.

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